FRIDAY, OCT. 18, 6:15 pm

Frank Lovejoy owns a drive-in (the kind with car hops serving root beer, not the kind that show low-budget film noir movies on Friday nights) and woos pretty Mari Blanchard but she’s not having any because he doesn’t have the dough-re-mi, if you get me. Mari’s brother, Richard Denning, shows up with a scheme, however, to recover lost Nazi gold, and Lovejoy buys in, little realizing that Mari and Richard are cooking up something in that drive-in besides all-beef wieners.

The Crooked Web is another fine high defination offering from our friends at Kit Parker and Mill Creek Entertainment, this time from Noir Archive Vol. 2. (77 min. / B&W / 1.85:1)

Also on the Program

Oh, golly, we've got another typically outstanding lineup of assorted short subjects, including two Merrie Melodies, Tale of Two Kitties and A Gruesome Twosome; the TravelTalks Technicolor treat Night Descends on Treature Island; our musical short this week is the all-star offering Sunday Night at the Trocadero; Crimson Sacrifice, the tenth terrifying episode of Pirates' Harbor, plus a few surprises. You know us.

Coming Distractions

Next week is our 34th annual Halloween Program! Don't miss it, lest ye be haunted!

The Crooked Web (1955, Columbia Pictures, dir. Nathan Juran)