FRIDAY, SEPT. 13, 6:15 pm

Nice guy Barry Sullivan was once framed by the mob and spent time in stir, and his friends the Feds are willing to blow his cover now that he’s a respectable family man, unless he plays ball and infiltrates the Mob for them, and isn’t that just like our government?

Considering “Jungle Sam” Katzman produced it (he of the East Side Kids and Mysterious Island serial), it’s a pretty darn good movie. Director Fred Sears directed several Republic serials, so he knew about action, too, we hope. Best of all, The Miami Story has both Beverly Garland and Adele Jergens in it, which makes it a must-watch in OUR book, bub. (75 min. / B&W / 1.85:1)

Also on the Program

Well, as it works out, we have not one but TWO Elmer Fudd cartoons this week, The Stupid Cupid, a Looney Tunes co-starring Daffy, and Stage Door Cartoon, a Merrie Melodies co-starring Bugs. Our TravelTalks stays relatively close to home with A Day on Treasure Island, we’ve got a musical with Hoagy Carmichael, it’s “Return of the Fugitive” in episode six of  Pirates’ Harbor; plus much, much more!

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Coming up we've got early Hitchcock, lots more noir, Vitaphones, a Hope & Crosby comedy (by request), Crime Does Not Pay, our Halloween show, and lotsa other stuff. Don't touch that dial!

The Miami Story (1954, Columbia Pictures, dir. Fred Sears)