FRIDAY, November 16, 6:15 pm

Tough L.A. cop Lt. Doyle (our pal "Wild Bill" Elliott) is back for his fifth and final case from the hard streets of the city.

One gambler kills another for revenge, but what seems like an open-and-shut case isn't so obvious to Lt. Doyle. Joining Elliott for this one are Don Haggarty, Eleanore Tanin, and Robert Shayne.

Footsteps in the Night  (62 min. / B&W / 1.85:1) comes to us from our friends at Warner Archive.

Also on the Program

For the kiddies, a couple of Merrie Melodies cartoons, including Pigs in a Polka and Tortoise Wins by a Hare, as our chronological retrospective of Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies continues.

Our TravelTalks this week continues the trip through Mexico with Merida and Campeche, the Vitaphone Corporation presents Woody Herman and his Orchestra, we're back with another Crime Does Not Pay, Plan for Destruction, and it's a "Fatal Second" in the fifth fantastical episode of Nyoka and the Tigermen!

Coming Distractions

Next time, a young woman spots a murder but nobody believes her in the 1945 suspense thriller Lady on a Train with Deanna Durbin.

In the weeks to come, look for more noir, thrillers, crime dramas, and movies so special we don't even know what they are yet. Plus Nyoka, Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies, and more, more, more!

Footsteps in the Night (1957, dir. Jean Yarbrough)