FRIDAY, AUGUST 23, 6:15 pm

We're back with another fine selection from the recent Noir Archive sets of Columbia Pictures' crime dramas.

Edmond O'Brien is a phone repairman who likes to play the ponies, and a gangster offers him a sweet deal that touches both bases: rigging up a phony telephone system that will delay the call of horse races just long enough so that the bookie can nab the race results in advance. Naturally, the plan doesn't work as well as expected. Otto Kruger and Joanne Dru co-star. (80 min. / B&W / 1.37:1)

Also on the Program

Oh, we've got a couple of Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies cartoons, including Birdy and the Beast and Buckaroo Bugs, and remind us to tell you what is very, very special about one of tonight's cartoons.

Then, we're off to Imperial Delhi with the TravelTalks cameras, our musical short is called St. Louis Blues, and our heroes climb the "Ladder of Doom" in the third theatrical episode of Pirates' Harbor. Plus much, much more.

Coming Distractions

Coming up we've got early Hitchcock, more noir, Vitaphones, the return of FNF fave George Sanders, Pete Smith Specialities, but lotsa other stuff. Don't touch that dial!

711 Ocean Drive (1950, dir. Joseph M. Newman)