FRIDAY,  NOV. 24, 6:30 pm

Post-War Thrills from RKO!

A Navy vet awakens from a coma with amnesia – and he’s well enough to stand trial for treason and murder, crimes he doesn’t remember although he doubts his own guilt, just like Judge Roy Moore. There’s a fine pedigree for the film: writer Carl Foreman had a background in cheap Monogram East Side Kids movies but he’d go on to write Champion, High Noon, and Bridge on the River Kwai; director Richard Fleischer is a legend in the film noir bi’ness, giving us Narrow Margin, Follow Me Quietly, and His Kind of Woman, plus his late-career hits See No Evil, Soylent Green, and Mr. Majestyk.

Our fine supporting cast includes Barbara Hale (real-life wife of the film’s star), Richard Quine, and Martha Hyer.

1949 / RKO-Radio Pictures / 63 min. / B&W / 1.37:1

Also on the Program

As usual, to be sure our friends receive every penny's worth of their free admission, we have a plethora of outstanding short subjects, including "Destined to Die," episode 8 of our cliffhanger serial, The Masked Marvel, plus classic Porky Pig and Popeye cartoons, the Three Stooges in Scrambled Brains, a Vitaphone short with Don Bernie and his Orchestra; a TravelTalks visit to Singapore, and more!

Coming Distractions

The weeks ahead will bring us Race Street (RKO, 1948) with George Raft and Marilyn Maxwell; The Mask of Dimitrios (Warners, 1944) with Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre; The Penguin Pool Murder (RKO, 1932) with Edna May Oliver as Hildegarde Withers; plus other top-drawer hits!

THE CLAY PIGEON (1949, dir. Richard Fleischer)