FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 6:15 pm

Ernest Hemingway wasn't impressed with the classic, legendary first screen version of his novel To Have and Have Not, reportedly feeling that they'd made too many changes to highlight the sparks set off by Bogart and Bacall. He was much happier with Warner Bros.' oft-overlooed1950 remake, which sticks closer to the book, and since we enjoyed John Garfield so much last week in The Postman Always Rings Twice, we decided to bring him back his week in his penultimate film, from the director of Casablanca. Patricia Neal and Wallace Ford co-star.

The Breaking Point comes to us courtesy of Criterion, which produced a new 2K restoration based on materials provided by Warners. (97 min. / B&W / 1.37:1)

The Breaking Point (1950, Dir. Michael Curtiz)

Also on the Program

Never let it be said we rested on our laurels (or hardys). Let's see, cartoons this week will include Bugs Bunny in Racketeer Rabbit and Tex Avery's Screwball Squirrel; our TravelTalks takes us to view the Mighty Niagara; more fun with Pete Smith and Soundies (don't forget those dimes for the Panoram, Balconeers); and the Black Commando whispers a few veiled threats into the "Ears of the Enemy in the eleventh electrifying episode of our classic cliffhanger serial, The Secret Code.

Coming Distractions

Coming up are the return of the screen's greatest detectives, including Arsene Dupin and Michael Shayne, plus more Tex Avery, Col. Henry Burton with code-breaking techniques, and much, much more!