FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 6:15 pm

"Klaatu Barada Nikto!"

Yes, we realize that sounds like somebody asking you to pass the butter while their mouth is full, but it's also a key command to Gort, the massive mechanical juggernaut in this week's science-fiction classic.

Earthlings haven't done enough bad things to OUR planet, we're planning to drag weapons into outer space, so spaceman Klaatu and his robot pal come to visit and try to convince us that we should re-think our long-term goals. Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, and Hugh Marlowe star, but you probably saw that on the poster over there.
The Day the Earth Stood Still - based on the classic short story Farewell to the Master by Harry Bates - will be presented in a restored, high definition version because, well, that's what we do 'round here. (92 min. / B&W / 1.37:1)

THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (1951, dir. Robert Wise)

Also on the Program

A brand new Looney Tunes superstar (well, maybe "superstar" is a little strong) makes his debut this week, Hippety Hopper the kangaroo and he's causing trouble for Sylvester in Hop, Look, and Listen, plus Bugs Bunny stars in Buccaneer Bunny. Both cartoons are from 1948.

Charley Chase and Thelma Todd were such hits last week, they're back in Looser than Loose (1930), and our educational short this week is Tomorrow's Drivers, a/k/a "Run for your Friggin' Lives! Teens Behind the Wheel!"

Finally, The Vanishing Shadow offers up The Destroying Ray in the second spellbinding episode of our 1934 Universal cliffhanger serial.

Coming Distractions

Next week it's our 35th annual Halloween show, with more monsters than you can shake a stick at, if you were inclined to shake a stick at monsters, which we do not recommend, just so you know.