FRIDAY, JAN. 17, 6:15 pm

Gangsters from Up North have infiltrated the Big Easy and are intent on running shipping from the docks; when wildcat trucker Arthur Franz tries to set up his own company, he learns through the loss of several teeth that the mob is a tough nut to crack, but with the help of John Law and Balcony fave Beverly Garland, widow of the last guy who tried to set up his own non-mob trucking service, Artie - and right - just might prevail.

This week's feature is a documentary-style drama from director William Castle, who gave us The House on Haunted Hill and The Tingler but cut his teeth at Columbia with Westerns and crime drama. Michael Ansura, Ed Nelson, and Mike Mazurki are also in the cast, along with several actual, real, not imaginary local New Orleans city folks and police officers playing themselves (you'll know them at once, they can't act.)

New Orleans Uncensored comes to us from Vol. 2 of the  Noir Archive collection.

(76 min. / B&W / 1.85:1)

NEW ORLEANS UNCENSORED (1955, Columbia Pictures, Dir. William Castle)

Also on the Program

Well, naturally we want to ensure you get your money's worth, so we have a fine lineup of short subjects, too. Warner Bros. cartoons this week are Hush My Mouse (the final Sniffles cartoon; sorry, Sniffles fans) and Hair-Raising Hare, one of the most popular and funniest of the Bugs Bunny classics (it's the one with the giant furry monster); TravelTalks takes us to West Point on the Hudson; Pete Smith introduces Man's Greatest Friend; The Three Stooges star in For Crimin' Out Loud; plus the usual surprises and stuff. Plus it's a "Wireless Warning" in the fifth frightening episode of our cliffhanger classic The Secret Code!

Coming Distractions

We'll be back on January 31st with our first Technicolor Night! It promises to be, well, colorful. See you then!