FRIDAY, JUNE 5, 6:15 pm

San Francisco shipping executive Robert Ryan and new bride Laraine Day are looking forward to a happy and successful life together, but when Bob was a young man working on the dock, he was a member of the Communist Party, and his old pals are looking to play rough - and you know Commies, they can play PLENTY rough.

Originally marketed as I Married a Communist, which frankly sounds like a 1950s TV situation comedy, The Woman on Pier 13 is an important historical part of Hollywood's response to the HUAC investigation. 

Reportedly more than a dozen directors turned the project down before RKO chief Howard Hughes finally brought in Robert Stevenson, a Britisher, to make the picture.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All patrons will be asked to confirm their loyalty to the United States of America, such as it is, before viewing tonight's film. If you're a Communist, you must sit in the designated section.

(73 min. / B&W / 1.37:1)

The Woman on Pier 13 (1949, Dir. Robert Stevenson)

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