One of the most popular of all 1950s monsters and monster movies: meet Col. Glenn Manning, who is supposed to be observing a new plutonium bomb test but who unfortunately for him gets a closer look than he was expecting and then he startgs growing. and growing. AND GROWING.

Our all-star cast includes Glenn Langan, Cathy Downs, and William Hudson, and The Amazing Colossal Man is from producer-director-writer Bert I. Gordon, a/k/a "Mr. B.I.G.", so you know you're in for low-budget thrills and a giant monster you can see through. We don't care, we couldn't love this movie more if it were one of our colossal, giant children. (80 min. / Color / 1.37:1)

THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN (1957, dir. Bert I. Gordon)

Also on the Program

Our selection of short subjects is pretty amazing and colossal, too, folks, including Bugs Bunny in Bugs Bunny Rides Again and Daffy Duck in The Upstanding Sitter and Charley Chase in Hi C's and the educational short Lunchroom Manners and our heroes "Trapped" in the fourth fearsome episode of The Vanishing Shadow serial and maybe a surprise or two.

Coming Distractions

Next week the Colossal Man is BACK, for the most part, courtesy of a new HD restoration of the sequel - that's right, even MORE amazinger and colossaler!