FRIDAY, FEB. 21, 6:15 pm

Based on the shocking true story of Kate Barker (1873-1935), who taught her sons how to rob, cheat, lie and steal and who kept America terrified and enthralled through the gang's reign of terror. (Well, according to THIS movie, anyway).

Lurene Tuttle (the sheriff's wife in Psycho, made the same year - what a 1960 Lurene had!) is Ma Barker, and our supporting cast includes Victor Lundin as Machine Gun Kelly, Robert Kendall as Baby Face Nelson, and Eric Sinclair as John Dillinger.

This week's feature has been scheduled in honor of that original Ma Barker's Killer Brood poster hanging in the Balcony art gallery.

(89 min. / B&W / 1.37:1)

MA BARKER'S KILLER BROOD (1960, Dir. Bill Karn)

Also on the Program

Well, naturally we want to ensure you get your money's worth, so we have a fine lineup of short subjects, too. Warner Bros. cartoons this week are Acrobatty Bunny and The Great Piggy Bank Robbery; TravelTalks takes us to the Land of the Quintuplets; Pete Smith shows us some fancy Double Diving; the Three Stooges star in Hot Stuff; plus the usual surprises. oh, and it's a "Submarine Signal" in the seventh suspense-soaked episode of our cliffhanger classic The Secret Code!

Coming Distractions

Next week, we'll be back with another Ma Barker movie, plus the usual outstanding short subjects.