FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 6:15 pm

Mild-mannered paleontologist Cary Grant needs one little bone to create the first complete recreation of a brontosaurus skeleton, but to get it, he's going to have to deal with wacky heiress Katharine Hepburn and her pet leopard in the all-time screwball comedy classic Bringing Up Baby.

Not a hit upon release but now considered one of the best and funniest romantic comedies ever made, Bringing Up Baby includes Charles Ruggles, May Robson and Barry Fitzgerald.

(RKO Radio Pictures / 1938 / B&W / 1:37:1 / 102 min.)

Also on the Program

Naturally, with an epic film like this, we have to match it with a plethora of outstanding short subjects, and we think we pulled that off with our usual verve.

Also on the program tonight are Betty Boop in the million-dollar 1932 animated cartoon Minnie the Moocher; a 1938 musical-comedy short subject called Campus Cinderella; and several surprise featurettes.

Coming Distractions

Don’t touch that dial; in the weeks ahead, we’re presenting such classics as Frankenstein, 42nd Street, Support Your Local Sheriff, and Kiss of Death!

(1938, Dir. Howard Hawks)