FRIDAY, JANUARY 8, 6:15 pm

Everybody's favorite Las Vegas Lifeguard-turned-Apeman (we assume) returns as Gordon Scott dons his loin cloth for the second time (that we know of).

Tarzan is trying to help the survivors of a plane crash return to civilization when they all run afoul of the Lion Men of Opar. Wow! Wilfred Hyde-White and Betta St. John co-star and there is no Jane, apparently, but we hope Cheeta is in there someplace.

With RKO on the ropes, the Tarzan franchise returned to MGM for the first time in 15 years - and it's the first Tarzan in color, too! Filmed in East Africa. Hope they all had fun. (86 min. / Color / 2.35:1)

TARZAN AND THE LOST SAFARI (1957, dir. Bruce Humberstone)

Also on the Program

Say, look, it's a brand-new old cliffhanger serial, too: Hawk of the Wilderness is a Republic serial, so look for a lot of action!  Herman Brix stars before he became Bruce Bennett in this 12-chapter marvel directed by William Witney & John English, originally released in 1938. Episode one is called "Mysterious Island". Plus, in keeping with the theme of the evening, we have the cartoon Jungle Jitters, and naturally some special surprises.

Coming Distractions

Next week is a silent film classic, and coming up in the weeks ahead are Zsa Zsa Gabor and Sherlock Holmes (no, not in the same movie, darn it) and much, much, much more!