FRIDAY, March 1, 6:15 pm

Vera Ralston's husband is killed under mysterious circumstances, leaving her trapped in a web of deceit, murder, and mystery courtesy of a gang of murderous drug smugglers, and the mystery only deepens when hubby shows up alive - only to be killed again. Or something like that. We're pretty much going by the title here.

Ms. Ralston (whom we recently saw in I, Jane Doe) is joined by dashing Rod Cameron, well remembered in the Balcony for his two Republic serial stints as Sexy Rexy Bennett in G-Men vs. the Black Dragon and Secret Service in Darkest Africa. Luana Anders and noir fave Mike Mazurki are on hand as well in this beautifully restored 'scope thriller from our friends at Kino Lorber.

(70 min. / B&W / 2.35:1)

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Oh, well, you know us: Popeye is back in Spinach for Britain and we’ve got Yankee Doodle Daffy, too. Vitaphone presents An All-Colored Vaudeville Show, and it’s a “Blazing Barrier” for our heroes in the penultimate chapter of Nyoka and the Tigermen! Plus, we've got a few surprises planned.

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Next week, John Garfield stars in The Breaking Point. Plus all the short subject favorites you know and love!

The Man who Died Twice (1958, dir. Joe Kane)