If home video distributors want to cover us with Karloff, whom are we to complain? The month of May will be devoted to Boris, and we certainly have enough Karloff to keep us busy; not only has the Karloff at Columbia set just come in, but The Ghoul is here, The Ape has arrived, and Targets and Isle of the Dead are on their way.

That should be enough Boris-mania for anybody! Who knows, we might even slip in The Mummy (1932), which was postponed from last month.

Let's not let all these new BORIS KARLOFF restorations go to waste...

Also on the Program

Well, Betty Boop is our cartoon of choice; look for her in such classics as Just a Gigolo and Betty Boop, M.D. We continue to rotate through such entertaining educational shorts as Shy Guy and Atomic Energy can be a Blessing. Our comedy featurettes come from the Hal Roach studio, 1931; this month we’ve got Thelma Todd & Zasu Pitts in Seal Skins, Charley Chase in The Tobasco Kid, and Laurel & Hardy in Any Old Port.

We are of course continuing this month with our cliffhanger serial Jungle Queen (1945), as Nazis search for a mystical artifact in Africa (that’s right, this is one of the serials that inspired Indiana Jones). Ruth Roman (she of Strangers on a Train) is the mysterious Jungle Goddess. Edward Norris and Eddie Quillan are the good guys in this 13 episode serial.

Coming Distractions

To complement our serial, we’ve got some jungle movies coming up, including the return of Tarzan; a sword and sorcery epic from the early 1960s; Sherlock Holmes facing death yet again; and all kinds of good stuff.