FRIDAY, AUGUST 7, 6:15 pm

Lisbon! City of danger, intrigue, suspense, mystery, and romance! Hey, it's on an isthmus, so isthmus be the place to watch it! Atsa some joke, eh, boss?

Ray Milland is a smuggler hired by Claude Rains to ship the most dangerous cargo he's ever carried - stealing an imprisoned American out from behind the Iron Curtain, and the prisoner's wife, Maureen O'Hara, is around to muck things up in this week's Republic Pictures classic (in Naturama and Trucolor!), Lisbon, directed by Mr. Milland himself and actually filmed on location in Portugal, so for once Republic wasn't skimping on the budget. For once.

(90 min. / Trucolor / 2.35:1)

Lisbon (1956, dir. Ray Milland)

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