FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 6:15 pm

A massive earthquake devastates the West Coast and creates a tidal wave that shakes the earth and heads for New York City in the quintessential disaster epic Deluge, produced in 1933 by RKO (the same year as King Kong) and lost for decades until 2016, when a nitrate dupe negative with the original English soundtrack was discovered in the archives of the Centre National du Cinéma et de L’Image Animée in France.

The film had its U.S. re-premiere a few months ago at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and we’re proud to present it In The Balcony from its new HD release, courtesy of our friends at Kino Lorber. This is going to be a very special night. Peggy Shannon, Lane Chandler, and Sidney Blackmer star; Felix E. Feist (Donovan’s Brain) directed. 

(RKO Radio Pictures / 1933 / B&W / 1.33:1 / 70 min.)

Also on the Program

Naturally, with an epic film like this, we have to match it with a plethora of outstanding short subjects, and we think we pulled that off withour usual aplomb.

Our million-dollar supporting featurettes include a pair of 1939 cartoons, Porky and Teabiscuit (Dir. Cal Dalton & Ben Hardaway) and Thugs with Dirty Mugs (Dir. Tex Avery); a musical visit from Eddy Duchin & Orchestra; “Exit to Terror”, the fifth fearsome episode of our cliffhanger serial Holt of the Secret Service; and the long-awaited return of Laurel & Hardy to our program in Helpmates (1932, dir. James Parrott).

Coming Distractions

Don’t touch that dial; in the weeks ahead, we’re presenting such classics as In a Lonely Place with Humphrey Bogart, Edge of Eternity with Cornel Wilde, and One Million Years B.C. with Raquel Welch!

(1933, Dir. Felix E. Feist)