Dir. Irwin S. Yeaworth, Jr.
1960 / 83 min. / 2.35:1 / English sub-titles
Kino Lorber BD $29.95, DVD $19.95

Resort-builders on a small Caribbean isle uncover a brontosaurus, a tyrannosaurus, and a caveman, all of whom spring back to life during a thunderstorm and engage in various goofy activities. The mean overseer of the island, the nice-guy resort-building hero, the perky little dinosaur-obsessed boy, the pretty lady who likes the hero, the drunken Irish night watchman, and a fat guy named "Dumpy" all conspire to do this or that while trying to avoid being eaten.

An irresistible, delightful oddball film from the creators of The Blob.

The caveman is played for kid-friendly laughs, learning about pies, toilets, and cross-dressing as he investigates the modern world in which he finds himself; the little boy isn't afraid of anything and seems to be able to speak fluent Brontosaurus; the special effects are actually not too embarrassing as these things go, although the dinosaurs are more Gumby than Gwangi; and the new Blu-ray from Kino is beautiful and brings the film to a grand luster.

Fans who saw this film back in the day remember it with great fondness; I hadn’t seen it until a few years ago but there’s no other movie quite like it – usually kids’ fantasies are dumbed down, but this seems to play for intentional laughs and trusts the kids to enjoy the fun in the spirit in which it’s presented.

The cast is, well, nondescript: Gregg Martell steals the show as the affable caveman, with Ward Ramsey, Paul Lukather, Kristina Hanson and Wayne C. Treadway, amongst others, filling out our no-name cast.

Kino tells us this is a 4K restoration from the original camera negative, and it glows on the screen. Extras include commentary by the director’s son and a featurette on the film with archival interviews, plus the trailer. This release carries our highest recommendation.