THE GOODBYE GIRL  (1977, Dir. Herbert Ross)
Warner Archive Blu-ray, $21.99
110 min. / Color / 1.85:1 / Subtitles

NYC, and a retired chorus girl with a 10-year-old daughter discovers that her live-in actor boyfriend has not only skipped town with all his stuff, he's sublet the apartment to a young Chicago actor who is heading into the city to play Richard III in an off-Broadway production. The three of 'em try to co-exist but it ain't workin', and the fact that the director of the play wants Richard III played as if Carol Channing with a hunchback had won the role doesn't help matters. Naturally, love ensues. It's a movie.

Quite the hit in its day and the passing years have been rather kind to it; Neil Simon wrote this for his wife, Marsha Mason, but it was Richard Dreyfuss who copped the Oscar. Quinn Cummings is delightful as the precocious child (who knows a LOT about classic movies); she was an Oscar nominee, too.

Million-dollar Dialog:
Dreyfus, on Miss Mason: "I love listening to you talk. I hate living with you but your conversation is first class."

Dreyfus, critiquing his performance as Richard: "I was the Betty Boop of Stratford-on-Avon."

The new Warner Archive Blu-ray release of The Goodbye Girl gives the film a fresh, new shine that helps make it a perfect date movie: my lady friend, who hadn't seen it, was delighted by it. And David Gates' theme song is reserved for the end, so fellers, feel free to turn the picture off as the credits roll.

Not a masterpiece but a charming love story with some big laughs and a lotta heart. Recommended.