New & Upcoming Releases

The Boy Friend (Warner Archive BD $21.99) Twiggy and Tommy Tune(!) star in a 1971 musical directed by, um, Ken Russell? Really?

Deluge (Kino Lorber BD $29.95, DVD $19.95) The long-lost 1933 disaster film from RKO at last resurfaces; for many years, it was only known as the source for the stock footage tidal wave that destroys New York City in Republic’s King of the Rocket Men serial. Our easy choice as Official ITB BEST Disc of the Month. Highly anticipated!

Mildred Pierce (Criterion BD $39.95, DVD $29.95) Joan Crawford as a long-suffering mother of an insufferable daughter; 1945 screen classic from director Michael Curtiz. The ultimate “Woman’s Picture” and an Oscar™ for Joan.

Psychomania: 2 Disc Special Edition (Arrow Video BD $29.95) George Sanders goes out on an outré note; his final film (1973) is a cult horror about skull-wearing motorcyclists who kill themselves so they can return from the dead and… oh, well, you know. Same old, same old. Also known as The Death Wheelers. Hmmmm.

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Criterion BD $39.95, DVD $29.95) A list of the girls I’ve dated.


A*P*E (Kino Lorber BD $29.95) Gawd-awful but hilarious Korean monster King Kong ripoff starring the mom from Growing Pains! Presented in both original 3D (yes, they were still making 3D movies in 1976, apparently) and 2D. We liked it way better than the Dino De Laurentiis remake of Kong that same year.

Framed (Kino Lorber BD $29.95, DVD $19.95) Joe Don Baker followed up his Walking Tall hit with another tale of badass revenge, 1975. Phil Karlson (The Phenix City Story), of all people, directs; this was his final film, in fact.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (Warner Archive BD $21.99) More dinosaurs, more fur bikinis, and more tits (this is the expanded, European cut of the film) in this 1970 follow-up to One Million Years B.C. Val Guest directed and Jim Danforth did the (excellent) stop-motion special effects.

This month's web-only releases from Twilight Time ($24.95/BD) include Kiss of Death (1947) and Edge of Eternity (1959) while next month will offer How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (1967), Our Man in Havana (1959), and Peyton Place (1957). Each set will be available for pre-order on the first of their respective months.


Dr. Orloff’s Monster (Redemption BD $29.95) Jess Franco’s 1964 follow-up to The Awful Dr. Orloff was one of the first European dubbed horror films to be a hit in America, although by reports it only played in drive-ins while teenage sex was going on so nobody ever actually watched it before.

The General / Three Ages (Kino Classics BD $29.95 / DVD $24.95) Kino – which released pricey Buster Keaton Blu-rays only a year or two ago – now offers “remastered, improved” versions of them. We are not pleased nor amused by this sort of tomtrickery. That said, we love both these movies.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (Sony BD $19.99) The answer is “a colored guy” because this was 1967. The final Tracy & Hepburn film, with Sidney Poitier. Spencer Tracy died only a few days after his last scene was shot.

Love in the Afternoon (Warner Archive BD $21.99) Billy Wilder’s 1957 romantic comedy hit with the unlikely pairing of Gary Cooper and Audrey Hepburn. Maurice Chevalier is Audrey’s dad.

No Highway in the Sky (Kino Lorber BD $29.95) Jimmy Stewart investigates air crashes, and finds himself aboard a plane he thinks is dangerously close to being his next subject. Marlene Dietrich and Glynis Johns co-star in this 1951 drama.

Prince of Foxes (Kino Lorber BD $29.95) Ah, let’s buckle some swashes, shall we? Tyrone Power gets mixed up in the intrigue of the notorious Borgia family, led by Orson Welles as Cesare. 1949 epic directed by Henry King (The Sun Also Rises, Twelve O’clock High).

The Sicilian Clan (Kino Lorber BD $29.95, DVD $19.95) 1969 gangster-thriller with three aging French stars: Jean Gabin, Alain Delon and Lino Ventura.

What a Way to Go! (Kino Lorber BD $29.95) Shirley MacLaine loses a battery of husbands to early death in this 1962 romantic(!) comedy(!!) originally intended for Marilyn Monroe. Ill-fated men include Dean Martin, Paul Newman, Dick Van Dyke, and Gene Kelly, among others; this was also the final film of frequent Marx Bros. foil Margaret Dumont.


23 Paces to Baker Street (Kino Lorber BD $29.95) Blind man Van Johnson overhears a kidnapping plot and with pretty Vera Miles tries to crack the case in this 1956 thriller directed by Henry Hathaway (Kiss of Death, The House on 92nd  Street).

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (Universal BD $14.98) Don Knotts left Mayberry to make this comedy-spooky film (1966), directed by Alan Rafkin and featuring a huge collection of TV sit-com supporting players. It’s actually pretty good.

It Came from Outer Space (Universal BD $14.98) Previously a Best Buy-only exclusive, now you can purchase this budget-priced 1953 sci-fi classic anywhere fine Blu-rays are sold. Features both the 3D and 2D versions.

One Million Years B.C. (Kino Lorber BD $29.95) Raquel Welch and her fur bikini stole the picture from Ray Harryhausen and his impressive dinosaur creations in this 1967 classic from, of all studios, Hammer (it was their all-time biggest hit). Don Chaffey directs and the sequel is being released later this month, too. This, by the way, is a remake of One Million B.C. (note no “Years”), released in 1940 by Hal Roach Studios. One of the film we saved our old VHS tape of, ‘cause it’s never been on DVD, sadly.

Steamboat Bill, Jr. / College (Kino Classics BD $29.95 / DVD $24.95) Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Boo, Kino Classics.

Suddenly in the Dark (Mondo Macabro BD $29.95) You can’t have enough early ‘80s Korean horror films in HD, can you? Or can you?

The Tree of Wooden Clogs (Criterion BD $39.95, DVD $29.95) No idea. Sounds like my girlfriend’s closet, though.

The Yakuza (Warner Archive BD $21.99) Sidney Pollack directs Bob Mitchum in Japan, 1974; something about Japanese gangsters, I think.

Gunsmoke – The Long Ride (Kino Lorber DVD $19.95) Another of those made-for-TV movies with Marshal Matt Dillon when he was really old and all his friends from Dodge City were dead. Sad, really.