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Who - or what - is THE BAT?!?

An oft-ignored film classic this week, an early example of widescreen filmmaking that brings a hit Broadway show to life on the Bi-i-i-ig screen: The Bat Whispers, 1930!

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Here in the Balcony, we love 1970s drive-in exploitation-type movies - and we never realized before that Joe (1970) not only is one, it's one of the best, as a crazed hippie-hater meets a bunch of longhairs just ripe for the pluckin'.

Now on DVD and Blu-ray from Olive Films!

Also from Olive Films: a rollicking 1965 widescreen scope-o-rama from the days when bigger, longer, and louder was thought to be the three things that would pry TV watchers away from Here's Lucy and The Patty Duke Show and get 'em back to the theaters. Let's all take a trip on The Hallelujah Trail, shall we, hmmm?