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Let's travel the world lookin' for laughs courtesy of Olive Films; first, Bob Hope, Tuesday Weld and Frankie Avalon head out in I'll Take Sweden; then an all-star cast enjoys a whirlwind tour in If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium. Take the Sweden-Belgium
Balcony tour!


It's one of the most exciting months in a long time, courtesy of four much-desired releases from Olive Films in September. In addition to the discs shown here, go to our NEWS section for information about the new OLIVE SIGNATURE series!

Standard Olive Films releases for September include...

Monster of Piedras Blancas! (1958) Imagine the Creature from the Black Lagoon, only way meaner - this guy likes to ramble into town and rip the head off anybody unlucky enough to get in his way. One of our all-time favorite monster movies, full of shocks and particularly well-made despite a modest budget. Les Tremayne and Jeanne Carmen star. $29.95 BD, $24.95 DVD, subtitled, 1.78:1, 71 min., B&W.

The Horrible Dr. Hichcock! (1964) The greatest of all scream queens, Barbara Steele, in one of her quintessential roles, available at last in all its high-def glory. It's the old story: wife dies, guy remarries, second wife's blood is used to revive the first wife, that sort of thing. Yikes! $29.95 BD, $24.95 DVD, subtitled, 1.78:1, 78 min, color.

The Captive! (1915) WOW! Blance Sweet and House Peters star in a long-lost historical drama from Cecil B. DeMille, one of the founding fathers of the film industry! It's a stirring romantic melodrama set during the Balkan war. Gerald Ward and Jeanne Macpherson co-star. $24.95 BD, $19.95 DVD, silent with a new musical score, 1.33:1, 50 min., B&W.

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We've been diligently working on a total revamp of our website in time for our 30th anniversary; here's some reviews to tide ya over whilst ya wait! Stay tuned, more reviews coming your way in a few days!

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Lee Zahler is a name well-known to serial fans and B-movie aficionados for his thrilling and memorable film scores. I'll bet you didn't know about the fascinating life of his son Gordon, though. A new book tells the unbelievable yet true story of Gordon Zahler, who supplied the music for everything from Ed Wood's Plan 9 from Outer Space to Daktari and Cowboy in Africa! It's all in a new book called Strange as It Seems.

Some guys just age really, really well, while others look as though they could break a tooth on an ice cream cone. Funny world, no? Anyway, Clark Gable ages VERY well in a surprisingly fun film rarely mentioned in his career retrospectives, The King and Four Queens.

Who KNOWS what EVIL lurks in the HEARTS of men? Well, the SHADOW does, that's who th' heck does, and his best onscreen adventure, the 1940 Columbia serial, is now available on DVD. Read our review of The Shadow
, we promise we won't cloud your mind TOO much.

John Wayne and Sophia Loren co-starred in an epic desert adventure filmed on location in North Africa, and the fact that none of us have ever heard of it probably says a lot. Nevertheless, the scenery is gorgeous and the stars are, well, stars. In search of a lost city in Legend of the Lost.


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COMMANDO CODY soars through the Balcony! Click the Blu-ray image below to read all about the new, fantastic release from our friends at Olive Films! Marvelous 1950s sci-fi fun!