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The Commies are after Roddy McDowall!

Thrills and excitement behind the Iron Curtain, this week in the Balcony - plus two color cartoons, a Vitaphone, and all good stuff like that.

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We do not get the opportunity to review a lot of film books here in the Balcony, although we DO read a lot of the darn things. The just-published biography of Henry "Oh, THAT guy!" Brandon is cause for celebration, and we take a look at it this week. Take a break from singin' opera in the streets and read!

And what th' heck, we recently had the opportunity to watch one of Henry's best films, so let's share the joy with Captain Sindbad, available from our friends at the Warner Archive, shall we, eh?


Four of the great names in crime dramas and films noir come together for the first time (Burt & Kirk would make six more films together) in this week's new review of I Walk Alone!