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Invasion from Space in the Balcony!

Thanks to our friends at the Warner Archive we have the several-years-in-the-making brilliant restoration of a 1951 sci-fi classic from Howard Hawks - plus cartoons!

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We do not get the opportunity to review a lot of film books here in the Balcony, although we DO read a lot of the darn things. The just-published biography of Henry "Oh, THAT guy!" Brandon is cause for celebration, and we take a look at it this week. Take a break from singin' opera in the streets and read!


This new set of Capra's wartime documentaries is an eye-opener and of great interest to history buffs and movie fans alike: Mr. Capra Goes to War.

Happy Holidays to all our beloved Balconeers! Hope Santy brings you all you deserve. We've updated the December Calendar, Coming Attractions, and settled on our Discs of the Year for 2018 - so go read!