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We're continuing those highly enjoyable Film Noir offerings on Blu-ray from our friends at Mill Creek and Kit Parker; this week, Barry Sullivan is an ex-con pressed into service as a G-Man, plus cartoons!

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The biography of Henry "Oh, THAT guy!" Brandon is cause for celebration, and we take a look at it. Take a break from singin' opera in the streets and read!


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And here's our review of Vol. 1, just in case you were in prison and didn't have computer privileges.

CHARLEY CHASE is back in the Balcony with another must-have set of classic comedies from the early 1930s, including some of his best. Click the cover for our review of Charley Chase at Hal Roach: The Talkies Vol. Two, 1932-33. You'll be glad you did.

BALCONY  REVIEW OF THE NOIR ARCHIVE VOL. 2 BLU-RAY SET! Click the image for the details!

Feds and Felons, Working Together!

Two fan favorites in impressive new Blu-ray releases this week in the Balcony! Click the covers for our reviews of Dinosaurus! and Footlight Parade. You'll be glad you did.