27 B-movie thrillers from the vaults. Click the images for the reviews!

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OSCAR & FELIX are back and this time in high definition. Click the cover for our review of the new boxed set of THE ODD COUPLE: THE COMPLETE SERIES!

COLT .45 is arguably the most obscure of all the classic TV westerns, but it's sure to find a new appreciation thanks the stunningly beautiful set from Warner Archive! Click the cover for our Balcony review!

Overture, curtains, lights! This is it, the night of nights: a new Warner Archive Blu-ray collection (Vol. 3) of classic Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. Click the cover for our rascally rabbit review!

What a delight, a pair of romantic silent comedies beautifully restored by the Warner Archive Collection. The Boob is slapstick, Why Be Good? is sophisticated, and they're both marvelous. Click the cover for our review!

Colonel March of Scotland Yard of the Department of Queer Complaints is on the case - 26 cases! In the new superb Film Chest release. Click Karloff's eyepatch for the review!

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HANNA-BARBERA'S SUPERSTARS 10 is new on Blu-ray from Warner Archive: Baby boomers have nothing to be ashamed of; these late 1980s retro-returns of our childhood favorites hold up even better now than they probably did then.

Click that oh-so-merry Huckleberry for a full review!

New in the Balcony!
We had the opportunity to take part in a group chat with George Feltenstein of Warner Archive; visit out COMING ATTRACTIONS page (or click the WB logo) for news of exciting upcoming releases!

3 GODFATHERS is a new Warner Archive Blu-ray edition of the audience-favorite Christian parable about three not-so-wise men and a baby. Click the image for our review!

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We were delighted to spotlight a couple of recent releases of films that we love, from different ends of the entertainment spectrum but both meticulously restored. The Mask of Fu Manchu is Pre-Code shock; You'll Never Get Rich is pre-WW2 glamour, music, and comedy. Click the covers for our reviews!

A Columbia gem that bombed in 1933 but found an audience this year when MOMA presented a restored version, it's love, Depression style in  Man's Castle. Click the cover for our uplifting review!