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The Brotherhood of the Popcorn is a new documentary about a group of guys called the Cliffhangers, who get together a few Saturdays a month to watch old films and serials in the comfort of the world’s coolest home movie theatre. In fact, the group’s been doing this for about three and a half decades, and as members pass away new ones are added to keep the group at about eight members, currently including a retired fish truck driver, retired teacher, two professional animators, and others.

Woody Wise is the president of the group (he gets to choose the films!) and Inda Reid directed the documentary, which is a fascinating ninety minute celebration of guys who just love, love, love old movies.

The Brotherhood of the Popcorn features a brief bio of each of the eight current Cliffhangers, a tour of Woody’s fabulous house, itself a movie museum, and clips from many, many of the films they watch. There’s even a brief side turn to the Lone Pine Festival, where many of the old movies were filmed. A highly, highly entertaining film that will captivate people like us who love old movies and will even be of interest to a younger crowd who may wonder what “all the fuss is about” with the movies we love. Watch for The Brotherhood of the Popcorn coming to a festival near you, and for more information or to support this project, please visit their website:

Incidentally, here in the Balcony, we were particularly interested in learning about this group, because we have our own weekly film series with old films, serials, cartoons and short subjects (now in its 29th year). Our group, however, was not put together of older guys reliving their youth but by your Wacky Balcony Webmaster, who saw these things on TV and decided to put together a weekly film party to introduce kids to the classics. And so it goes. If you have a regular film-going get-together, contact us and let us know about it, won’t you?