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Which beautiful Hollywood starlet is a killer?

Detective George Raft has a plethora of suspects but he's stumped. Maybe he should just... Flip a coin? It's Nocturne, this week in the Balcony

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We do not get the opportunity to review a lot of film books here in the Balcony, although we DO read a lot of the darn things. The just-published biography of Henry "Oh, THAT guy!" Brandon is cause for celebration, and we take a look at it this week. Take a break from singin' opera in the streets and read!

And one of the best neo-noirs of the nineties is the latest Olive Signature select BD presentation; let's all revisit this steamy thriller and celebrate its many wonders, shall we?


Fred Williamson brings the hammer down as a tough bounty hunter turned unlikely lawman in the 1970s Blaxploitation offering Boss, now available in a surprisingly good HD offering from the Sprocket Vault/Kit Parker.